Vibeke Hastrup is a modern e
xploratory artist with an understanding of both the comedic and tragic. Her versatility and mature talent translates into unshakably present characters whether she’s playing the beautiful, aristocratic Baroness Schröder in
Sound of Music or the earthy, countryside oddball Anne Bak from Jutland in Lennon in Denmark (orig. title Lennon i Thy).  For her performance as Anne Bak, she was nominated for the prestigious Teaterpokal in Denmark.  When her busy schedule has allowed for it, Vibeke has always been guided by her insatiable curiosity.  She is therefore a frequent guest at courses both in Denmark and internationally.

What has been said about Vibeke:

JyllandsPosten, Henrik Lyding:
A woman with style, actress Vibeke Hastrup masters both the elegant and the comedic.

Politiken, Per Theil:
She both can and wants to herself.

Berlingske Tiderne, Jacob Steen Olsen
Vibeke Hastrup is well on her way to “reinvent” herself as an actress

New York august 2012 Lennon in Denmark.

Sarah Wagner. New York Theatrereview

More  likely,  still,  is  Vibeke  Hastrup’s  compelling  performance,  her  commitment  to  the circumstances  of  a  character  both  made  special  and  burdened  by  Lennon’s message and  the responsibility  to  see  it  spread  throughout  the  world.  The  audience sat attentive  and  interested in Anne’s  story—for  it  is  ultimately  Anne’s  story,  not Lennon’s—due  to  Vibeke  Hastrup mesmerizing, multi-­faceted  performance. 
Lennon  in  Denmark  ends  with  Anne  singing  the  last  line  of  The  Beatles’  “Help”,  her simple,  lovely  voice  filling  the  room.  In  that  final  moment,  Anne  seemingly  on  the road  to  combining  Lennon’s  message  with  a  real  life  of  her  own,  the  last  line,  “Help me”,  isn’t  desperate  or  down.  It’s  as  if  she’s  saying,  “Join  me”  in  living  Lennon’s message,  and  in  living  fully  for  oneself  and  others.  

I  think  I  just  might.

Leslie Bramm rewiew

Vibeke Hastrup gives a great performance.On the A side she is charming, Danish, idealistic and perhaps a bit eyerollingly naive. Her B side is equal in it’s ferocity and pathos. Directed by Gulbrandsen, he guides us carefully through the mind of this wounded woman. The smartest thing he does is know how to stay out of Hastrup’s way.

Vibeke Hastrup and Frede Gulbrandsen: “Lennon in Denmark” at Får302. nov 2007 / jan 2009

Weekendavisen, Peter Johannes Erichsen:
Outstanding Vibeke Hastrup. At Teater Får 302 Vibeke Hastrup conjures up an eternity moment from the Winter of 1970.
Vibeke Hastrup. the small moon-shaped eyes turn diabolic. It is a breathtakingly precise artist, who lays the pieces of this puzzle into a one-woman show.  Here we fully experience what it means to not to be granted ‘landing permission’ in life, but to remain wise about the world in empty space.  Vibeke Hastrup masters the lost foothold’s stomping brilliance.  A must-see performance.

JyllandsPosten: Henrik Lyding
A sweet, funny and touching portrait of a woman in Northern Jutland.  Played without a false note.  A delicate and compassionate character study, powerfully and beautifully presented by Vibeke Hastrup.

Berlingske Tiderne: Jacob Steen Olsen
Vibeke Hastrip, alone on stage, goes on a remarkable ride in the emotional rollercoaster and gives the character up to laughter.  But at the same time, she defends her to the point that it shows us a woman, who becomes moved in her continually more and more moving attempt to keep together her fragile worldview.  
It’s wonderful to experience an actress who doesn’t wait for others to come to her rescue, but has a will of her own.  And an ability of her own.

Roland Topor:  “The Winter Under the Table” at Eklektisk Teater. Feb 2007

Weekendavisen, Peter Johannes Erichsen:
Vibeke Hastrup, with her brilliant precision, is able to illuminate this woman as though you sat in the cinema and were able to observe the slightest twitch of the eyes.

Howard Linsey and Russel Crouse: “The Sound of Music” at Det Ny Teater. 2004

B.T. Randi K. Pedersen:
Vibeke Hastrup, whose nuanced warm acting and glamorous looks makes her highly attractive as the Captain’s fiancée.

Jon Fosse: “And We’ll Never be Parted” at Folketeatret. Sep. 2000

Weekendavisen, Jens Kistrup:
Vibeke Hastrup hits the appropriately tragic mark as the abandoned wife – her emotional rollercoaster is not for from making her a modern day Medea.

Arthur Miller: “The Crucible” at Folketeatret 1994

Extra Bladet, Jonna Gade:
Vibeke Hastrup is a real gem as the maid Mary.
Information, Nina Davidsen: contrast, Vibeke Hastrup stands out as Mary Warren.

“Halfdan i Bakspejlet” at Folketeatret 1991
Information, Nina Davidsen:
The refined line drawing Vibeke Hastrup is his equal partner Nanette, the double bed’s goddess and pourer of snaps.  Seductive, sensual and gifted with intuition, Vibeke Hastrup incarnates the muse’s demanding double life amid fiery sheets, poetic criticism and grocery bills.  You hope that someone is putting the glory-numbers on vinyl, so they’re not lost in the rearview mirror.