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Welcome to Vibeke Hastrup’s website in english. Vibeke is an actor, storyteller, lecturer, communications advisor and catalyst.

Vibeke’s acting career extends across the board with work that includes film, TV, theater, animation, narration, improvisation. After 30 years in the industry, Vibeke maintains her unbroken urge to tell enriching stories, which ask questions and make you both laugh as well as cry. Stories that open the heart and illuminate the many joys, dilemmas and challenges we face as human beings. Vibeke’s age and experience, seasoned with her perpetual curiosity and desire to challenge herself, makes her a modern and captivating actress.

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Vibeke is a sought-after and experienced lecturer on topics like positive communication, presentation skills and meeting form. She talks about opening up to one’s authenticity and personality in order to bolster one’s effectiveness, courage and willpower, thereby also establishing the prospect of a strong team. A workplace is only as good as the relationships it houses. Among other things, Vibeke works to develop inner tranquility and strength, personal and dynamic expression, storytelling, and with how one fosters equality and goal orientation in a group situation.

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Creative processes of change and decision-making
Every leader and organization must be equipped to tackle and enter into unknown territory in order to avoid remaining in the comfort zone and making decisions based on habitual behavior. Vibeke’s training as advice counsel and creative business and organization consultant (kunsgrebsinnovatør) enables her to catalyze processes, where the client is guided through structured, insightful creative paths that make possible the discovery of new and different workable answers to questions.