Off-Broadway at Soho Playhouse
in the Fringe Encore

After having played Lennon in Denmark, with great succes at the Fringe Festival, the play is now invited to play Off- Broadway at Soho Playhouse.

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9/15 at 3PM;
9/16 at 8PM;
9/18 at 8PM;
9/20 at 7PM



Not many people knows that Lennon in 1969 visited one of Denmark’s most remote places and stayed there for 3 weeks. “Lennon in Denmark” is  a show about  one specific woman’s journey through life after meeting John Lennon.  We follow the Danish woman Anne Bak from the isolated region; Thy in Jutland, Denmark. We hear about her when she as a 19-year-old woman met none other than John Lennon in her own kitchen, and shared several unique moments with him. "Lennon in Denmark" begins 40 years after this incident. We meet her in her home, now turned into something of a museum (mausoleum), not just of Lennon and her memories of him, but also about her own lost life. With humor, a wry sense of the macabre and a fantastic ability to capture the essence of this woman's inner struggle, Vibeke Hastrup portrays Anne Bak fighting to free herself from her past, and perhaps finding life and herself again?!  

"Lennon in Denmark" was commissioned by Theatre FAAR302, Copenhagen, in 2007 as part of the theater series called the Periphery Projects in Denmark. Director Frede Gulbrandsen introduced Vibeke Hastrup to the idea of a woman from a small town in Denmark who had met John Lennon and later lived her life in memory of him. Together Hastrup and Gulbrandsen started developing the story and devising the show. The story grew out of improvised interviews conducted by the director with Hastrup in character as Anne Bak. The improvisations went on for up to six hours a day and were recorded using only a small cassette tape recorder, later edited to the with help from dramaturge Louise Hassing. “Lennon in Denmark” opened to critical acclaim and played to full houses throughout Denmark.
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"It has always seemed like it was meant to happen that I should play "Lennon in Denmark" - in New York.” says Hastrup. “This was where Lennon lived for many years of his life. It was here that he was shot and died. When I first went to NYC to present the idea, I took a taxi from the airport to Manhattan. Just before we drove into the Holland Tunnel, the taxi driver turned on the radio, and John Lennon's song "Imagine" was playing." "The show is about living life ... or not living it! Who is responsible for the life you live? Can you live your life through others? Lennon in Denmark is about a very special day that changed one person’s life forever. “...the day when the soul was born, and life began” says Anne Bak in the show. But what if this really was the day when everything stopped? “In short, It is a show about peace, within ourselves  and in the world!” says Vibeke Hastrup herself.”

Vibeke Hastrup has performed on many of Denmark most prestigious theaters and in works such as Arthur Miller's “The Crucible”, Woody Allen's “Play It Again, Sam” and Thornton Wilder’s “ Our town”. ” In “Babette's Feast,” Hastrup played the role of young Martina. She has starred in multiple other Danish feature films and television series, and also lent her voice to the Danish versions of Lady and the Tramp II, Toy Story , and Tarzan." Hastrup graduated from the Danish National School of Theatre in Copenhagen.
The tour is made possible through cooperation with Scandinavian American Theater Company (SATC) in New York City and producer Maj-Britt Mathiesen in Denmark, and is funded by The Danish Arts Council.